Why does co-codamol make my tongue go numb?
My daughter, Freyja, was the mascot today at our local Football team (soccer).  Blackpool FC.  We met all the players on both teams, she looked really cute, they were so sweet top her, signed her autograph book, had pics taken with her, gave her sweeties and kisses on the cheeks, and I got to see HALF NAKED PLAYERS!!!!!  That's right!  HALF NAKED PLAYERS!  She got to take 5 penalty kicks at the Blackpool end of the stadium, got cheered by all the fans, got to shake hands with the opposing team, the referee, got to flip the coin to see who got fist kick, and I got to sit in the box with the team owners and another SEXY man who I drooled over.  AND even better....WE WON!!!! We're now in position for the playoffs.  If we stay there, we might actually get to play in the Premireship.

BEST DAY EVER!!!!!!!!!
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     How cute does Freyja look?  It's for her Christmas dance show, bless her little cotton socks!
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A murmuration (lots and lots) of Starlings at Gretna Green in Scotland have been photographed making the following shapes. I must say, I don't think they enjoyed having their pics taken, if one shape is anything to go by.


I spy a whale!
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Glitter Text Generator

No working xmas day for me! Evil boss can kiss my pert little behindand work himself on xmas day. And Xmas eve, Boxing day, New Years Eve and New Years Day! Bwahahahahahahahahahahaha! I start work at my ex's parents company next week!!!!!!
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I took my daughter to see Lazytown live last night. I was pleasantly surprised. The cast were great, and the story was just long enough, but not too long. Most of Ikkle Fred's favourite songs were in there and it was utterly enjoyable. Also, for those who have seen the tv show, you may have noticed that in it, Robbie Rotten is very very flat at the front. He doesn't bulge where he should bulge. Robbis in the stage show definately bulged! My nan, my mum and I were in hysterics for fifteen minutes or so when he first appeared. Small things amuse small minds I guess.

Fuck My Christmas )

I have it!  I have been waiting for EVER!  And now I have it.  Unseen Academicals....I shall devour you!

EDIT: Vetinari is EPIC!  He's...I luff him! So Hard.  If he was real; I have him.  All over the place.  Oh yes.

I need music suggestions for my iphone!  I'm currently downloading the Queens Of The Stone Age discography, Paramore (For one bloody song), Sea Sick Steve, Natalie cole is on there...Come on folks!  Help!
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I'M BACK!  I had to completely wipe my pc, losing, I imagine, many important things from my PC, so it'll probably be as iffy as it was to begin with.  I lost all my fics, all my music, all piccys, everything.  I have loads of apologies to make, including a truly grovelling one to [livejournal.com profile] hp_prisonerfest , as I only got the emails etc this morning, along with 400 or so more.  I was totally incommunicado after my phone decided to be ridiculous and refused to download my emails.

I'm shit, and I suck, and i've missed everyone very, very much.

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for their kind wishes and sympathies.  Funeral woes )
On the upside, HAVE NEW COMPUTER!  Don't seem to have lost muse entirely, and hopefully I wont descend into mega angst.  And I have some wonderful friends on here who are kind and thoughtful.  Love you all.  A special thank you has to go to [livejournal.com profile] noeon , who is just so lovely.  I think you're my new girl crush! Mwah!

Have to get back to writing my bottom draco, my prisonerfest.  Have to get back to palooza, [livejournal.com profile] noeon , whatever i've missed, just let me know and i'll get on with it.  And no doubt other stuff that's goten lost in the mix of angst and bewilderment of the past week and a half.

Ad my new fling went to the wayside, damnit.  Back to the drawing board.
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