Perverse Creatures Chapter 5
The Huntsman.
Warnings: some language.
Rating: low R.
Disclaimer:All recognisable characters belong to JK Rowling, Scholastic/Bloomsbury, Warner Bros. All unrecognised character, situations and ideas belong to me! No copyright infringement is intended, no money is being made.
Notes: Un beta'd. Any mistakes are mine and mine alone.

The Huntsman )

Chapter 1 - Accidental Perversions
Chapter 2 - Talk is Cheap
Chapter 3 - The Call Of The Hunt
Chapter 4 - Of Gods and Mortals
 Okay, so I've delved into an original fiction.  I've got a prologue, short, probably not sweet, but it's something!  It's under the cut, and is rated R for language (a little swearing).  The notes i have for it are under the prologue.  Any thoughts, concrit etc is welcome.

Prologue, untitled original fiction )

Set in an AU london where the supernatural and paranormal mingles with the natural and normal.  The sub levels are inhabited by zombies, ghouls and mortal criminals and homeless and also demons of all kinds.  The air is grimy, very victorian era - gaslight, carriages etc.

Whispers – other worldly mutterings from nowhre or no one visible. Ghosts and zombies and vampires can hear them, demons and magicians use ghosts to tell them what’s being whispered. Only those who have died can hear them, whispers are from those who guide the returning ones; powerful seers, dead gods, higher level demons. They could show themselves, but choose not to, unless to those truly cursed or blessed, depending on how you see it, with immense power.

De Croissance - Powerful, mysterious, some kind of humanoid being, not dead, not alive, not vampire or zombie or ghost but something unknown. Twisted view of life and the afterlife.  Used to work for the Lord of the largest Vampire enclave in England as an advisor, he left when the vampire he was in love with, Lucia, was executed wrongly, the vampire lord is desperate to get him back, but he started freelancing, helping those in need until he became too jaded.  Hears the whispers, has seen some of the beings, refuses to heed them anymore.

Title: Christmas Kisses
Rating: R
Pairings: James/Teddy, Hugo/Lily/Albus
Warnings: incest, silliness, insane!Victoire
Disclaimer: Characters portrayed herein belong to JK Rowling, Bloomsbury/Scholastic, Warner Bros.  No copyright infringement is intended, no money is being made.
Summary: Lily finds that no Weasley/Potter can just follow her plans, even at Christmas.
Notes: Written for [ profile] mini_fest , prompt: Prompt list 1 - 15. (Next Gen) Lily Luna knows her big brother, James, is pining for Teddy Lupin. She sets a goal to get them together for a Christmas kiss. Unfortunately, cousin Victoire has other plans for Teddy. 

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Christmas Kisses )

Title: Old Gods and Older Magic
Rating: R
Pairing: Teddy/James
Warning: Blood, character death, angst
Disclaimer: Not mine
Notes: Unbeta'd. Written for the [ profile] hp_nextgen_fest drabble challenge, with the prompt Ghost.



Old Gods and Older Magic )



Author: andiais
Title: Of Rhinestones, Chickens and Percy Penis
Rating: R
Pairing: George/Oliver
Warnings: Slash, sexual situations, projectile vomiting
Disclaimer: The characters portrayed herein belong to JK Rowling, Warner Bros, Scholastic/Bloomsbury.  No copyright infringement is intended and no money is being made.
Notes: forthe  [ profile] hpgeorgecentric drabble challenge.