Fandom: The Devil's Carnival
Character: The Hobo Clown
Summary: The Clown's Journey was just as important as his destination. It made him who he was.
Warnings: mention of domestic violence, alcoholism. Rated for these mentions.

The Hobo Clown's Journey )

Title: The First Shot
Author: Andiais
Rating: G
Summary: Teddy's thoughts upon entering Slytherin House
Notes: Unbeta'd.  For ks8170.  Her prompt for my drabble challenge was Teddy and the Sorting Hat.
Disclaimer: Not mine at all.  If it was, I'd be off buying toyboys!

The First Shot )
Propmt:  #10. Pontification

Title: Cherry Lip Salve

Rating: G+

Author: ME!

For: Rare_pair shorts prompt table humour James II/Teddy

Disclaimer: Not mine, and I'm making no money from this, it's just for fun!


Cherry Lip Salve )