The wonderful and talented [ profile] thilia has made [ profile] teddy_bared some truly kick ass banners. Please feel free to use them for pimping purposes, and just because, GOD, they're hot! Simply right click and save :D

Banners under the cut )

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Is there anyone out there who is good with photoshop and able and willing to do me a huge big helpful favour and make a pimping banner for [ profile] teddy_bared I want to get the word out and get people joining in with, first, the Halloween challenge.

If anyone is willing, please just let me know.  I'll be forever grateful, I swear. *hopeful face*
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A Halloween Challenge has just been posted in [ profile] teddy_bared , so everyone get your spooky goth thinking hat on and get on over there! :D

artwork by [profile] heathen_arcade

[ profile] hd_career_fair CLAIMING NOW IS OPEN!!!

I swore I wouldn't but I have. Am waiting for my reply now to see which prompt I get, I'll be happy with any of them.

I got my first choice!! SO happy! *squee*
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[ profile] sceasleycest  has just posted it's second prompt, so I order you all to hop on over and create lots of naughty, dirty cousiny porns!    

Fic Rec - The second Next Gen Darkfest fic has been posted, and it's a wonderful peice full of power games and muggle!kink and fear and lust.  "There Is No Line ( That You Can't Step Right Over)" 
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Hai Guys!  Those of you who are on Dreamwidth and enjoy a bit of Teddy Lupin, I've set up a new community over there.  Teddy Bare .  I'm starting it off with a prompts fest, so if you're on Dreamwidth, come and join!  I'm also looking for a person or two who will willingly mod.  It wont take up much time, depending on how many people I can get to join.  If you don't mind, could you pimp it out for me?  That would be amazing!
Pimpage Post!! 

[community profile] chatbox  (On Dreamwidth for those you reading this on LJ)     

I'm a mod over there, and if you're over 18, please come over.  It's full of many friendly lovely people.  The first five people who join and comment on this post get a lovely smutty drabble of your choice.  Tempted?