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"You? Work here?" the shock was plain to see on Seamus face, along with the slightest spark of amusement.

Sighing, and using his iron will to keep from running his hand over his face, Theodore Nott looked at his prospective boss and old schoolmate.

"Yes, Finnegan. It may have escaped your notice, but it can be hard for former collaborators to get a job. Can't bribe anyone or use old family contacts. Nobody else wants to know. Even got knocked back at the janatorial department at the Ministry."

"So I'm the last resort, am I? Not very flattering really. Well, I need a waiter. Thing you can serve drinks and be discreet? I assume you do realize what this place is." seeing a serious look on Seamus' face threw Theodore for a second, as unusual as it was.

"I can be discreet Finnegan. No secrets will pass my lips, you can be assured."

"Consider yourself hired then, Nott. Be here tonight at nine and you'll get your uniform and induction. We'll discuss hours and everything else then." Seamus smiled and put out his hand. Theodore shook it with a feeling of relief.


"I have absolutely no idea why you want to do this. A waiter? At the Dahlia? Hah! You've never worked a day in in your life! Even at school, you conned paid or simply made other people do your work for you." Pansy was waving her hands above her head as she paced in front of Theodore's fireplace. Her normally perfect hair was escaping the chignon and her lipstick had faded to nothing. Theodore thought she looked wonderful when riled. Had he been straight, he'd have married her in a second.

"You know exactly why Pansy. I've wanted him ever since fifth year. I refuse to wait any longer. So I'll act the impoverished waiter and gain his friendship. He's a Gryffindor, he wont be able to resist."

"Darling, Gryffindors appreciate direct action." Pansy's smile was smug and Theodore couldn't help but smile back.

"Does Potter know you're fucking his eldest yet?"

"Gods no. James is surprisingly discreet. And adorable. Even if Potter finds out and throws a tantrum, I don't think I would be willing to unhook my claws." Pansy looked like she expected Theodore to laugh and mock her. Instead, he just smiled commiseratingly and said

"So you understand."

Sighing, Pansy took the floo powder jar from the mantelpiece above the fire and nodded.

"Yes love, I understand. Now you'll have to excuse me but I have a lovely young man waiting for me and I'm quite drunk enough."

With that, Pansy threw the floo powder into the fire and left Theodore sat in his study alone with thoughts.


Six months later, Theodore was regretting his plan. The uniform, if you could call it that was uncomfortable and overly revealing. Some patrons were grabby handed fuckwits with no sense of decorum (if Fenella Davies grabbed his crotch one more time he was going to rip her hair out). Watching as strangers fucked, sucked and generally wallowed in debauchery only brought home how alone he was, and how much he wanted Seamus Finnegan. Worse were the times he had to serve people he knew. He would never be able to look Narcissa Malfoy or Adaeze Zabini in the eyes again. But he returned for every shift, and had gained an easygoing friendship with his boss. They played poker when the club was closed, drank together at Bar Sinister every Tuesday night and talked about everything from their childhoods to whether Sphinx cats were indeed demonic minions or adorable in their bald ugliness.

However, tonight, things had changed.

His boss was currently flirting with a handsome and very young blond man at the bar. Every casual touch and half smile form Seamus made him fume. After an hour, he had enough.

Perhaps Pansy was right, he mused, and direct action would win where slow friendship had not. Let's find out.

He walked swiftly over to the bar and the two men and slammed down his tray.

"Excuse me Seamus, could I have a word with you in your office?" he spat, not even trying to cover his ire. The answering raised eyebrow caused his body to react and he barely restrained himself from adjusting himself.

"Problem Nott? Who is it this time? I know it isn't Fenella, she's too busy with Rose Weasley and her tentacle hex." while the words were concerned, the accompanying snigger suggested Seamus was having too much fun with the Davies situation.

"The problem, Finnegan, is you drooling all over that ridiculous bit of fluff at the bar."

"And that's your business how Theo? I'm pretty sure I can drool whenever and over whoever I like. As my employee, you have no say. As my friend, you should know better." Anger had lowered Seamus voice, making it rougher and Theodore's cock twitched in response.

"Well, I quit, so you are no longer my employer, and I don't want to be your friend Finnegan. Are you really this dense?" Theodore could see the hurt that these words caused Seamus and cursed.

"For fucks sake Finnegan, the only reason I asked for a job here was to get closer to you! I'm not impoverished, I just had no other way of getting near you."

"why, I mean...."

Theodore had reached his limit. He moved forward and grabbed Seamus, pulling him into a bruising kiss, his tongue entering Seamus' mouth and stroking Seamus' tongue. When he felt Seamus lean into the kiss and respond with enthusiasm, somethng in him relaxed and he pulled Seamus even closer until their bodies were flush against each other.

He pulled back and looked Seamus in the eye. "Tell me now if you don't want me, otherwise I'm not letting you go. You'll be mine, and I never got the hang of sharing, or giving anything up."

"I want this. I've wanted this for a while now Theo. Just thought you weren't interested."

"Bloody Gryffindors."Theo bit out, kissing Seamus again before he could respond. He could feel Seamus against him, cock hard against his own, thigh pressing between his legs in an attempt to get even closer.

Seamus lowered his mouth the His neck and whispered, "What took you so long?"

The feel of Seamus fingers quickly undoing his tie caused Theo to come undone.

He shoved Seamus against the wall and stripped him as fast as possible, pulling his shirt off and tugging his trousers down to his knees. The sight of Seamus cock, engorged and leaking caused his mouth to water. Taking it in his hand he stroked it, thumb swiping over the head in a smooth rhythm that made Seamus moan. The sound of his belt buckle loosening and his zip lowering made him move.

He released Seamus' cock and turned him to face the wall, murmuring a lubrication charm and pushing one, the two fingers into Seamus arse.

"Next time, I swear we'll take it more slowly," he panted, "but now I'm going to fuck you. I'm going to make you scream my name so loudly that everyone in the club will hear it, even over their own moans."

"Stop talking then, and fuck me." Seamus goaded as he reached behind and pushed Theo's trousers down, grabbing Theo's cock and pressing it against his arsehole.

Biting Seamus' neck lightly Theo replied, "As you wish."

He pushed into Seamus slowly in one smooth motion, not stopping until his balls pressed against soft skin. He stayed still for a moment, breathing deeply and feeling Seamus gripping him tight. Once he had some control back, he slowly pulled out and then shoved back into Seamus cock with a hard, punishing thrust. Seamus hands scrabbled at the wall and he pushed back against each strong, hard thrust.

Words spilled from them both, words of love, exhortations of more, so tight, yesyesyes, until all was left but harsh breaths and moans, words lost the feeling.

Theo's balls tightened and he reached round to take Seamus cock in his grasp and stroked him. Seamus' orgasm spilled out of him, making his arse clench around Theo's cock. It was enough to pull Theo over the edge.

Theo felt his legs give out, and he slid down to the floor, pulling Seamus with him. As they lay sweating and tangled together, Theo smiled. Maybe he should thank the blond bit of fluff for making him get off his arse and finally make a move.


Lysander Scamander smiled at Pansy Parkinson as they moved away from the office door.

"Thank the Gods for that. The whinging from them both was getting extremely annoying. Thank you for your help Lysander."

"Well, Madam Parkinson, I do enjoy aiding true love. Now as to how you'll repay me for my aid, I do believe the Erato room is free right now. Shall we?" Lysander's smile was wicked and Pansy couldn't bring herself to be affronted. He was a very handsome young man after all, and she and James weren't exclusive.

"Lead the way then my dear." Yes, a very handsome young man, and she deserved a reward for being such a good and helpful friend.



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