Perverse Creatures Chapter 5
The Huntsman.
Warnings: some language.
Rating: low R.
Disclaimer:All recognisable characters belong to JK Rowling, Scholastic/Bloomsbury, Warner Bros. All unrecognised character, situations and ideas belong to me! No copyright infringement is intended, no money is being made.
Notes: Un beta'd. Any mistakes are mine and mine alone.

Lily Potter was worried. This was an unusual occurrence as Lily was normally the one making people worry. She was a Slytherin; sly, clever and, if she was honest, twisted. She blackmailed, tormented, used and abused. Never before had she felt like she was the hunted, the fly trapped on a spiderweb. What was worse was that she knew she only had herself to blame.

She should never have listened to Montague. When he had come to her with his plan to gain vengeance for his near death at Lorcan Scamander's hands, she had agreed to help him, after demanding a fair price for her cooperation. She had agreed not due to any feelings of friendship toward the spolied, arrogant Montague heir, but because she had always wanted the Scamander twins. They were beautiful, their power would flow through her when she was near them; Lorcan tasting of blood and fire and the heat of the midday sun, Lysander tasting of apples, ice and the cool darkness of midnight. Their magic whispered darkness and stroked across her spine like gentle fingers caressing a beloved pet.

When Lysander had taken her after she had given him the potion filled pear, she had been lost to the sensations, his smell, his fingers gripping her waist as he fucked her hard and fast. The knowledge that Lorcan had seen them only made her enjoy it more, hope that Lorcan would come to her too, whether for revenge on Lysander or any other reason.

When Lorcan had not come, but had instead killed Montague with a savagery that terrified her, Lily was scared. Scared that she would be next, that Lorcan's madness would descend upon her in twisting flames coloured black, in screams inside her head that would make her claw out her eyes and rip out her hair. That he would grant her death only after destroying her mind, body and soul.

His arrest had calmed her nerves, allowing her to believe she was safe from Lorcan's hatred. When Lorcan was released and returned to school only two days later, she began to make plans to flee from the burning gaze that seemed to follow her everywhere.


He was stalking his prey. The scent of her fear was like the sweetest perfume, sharp and pure. The hounds were baying inside his brain, pushing him onward, faster and more determined. The prey was cunning, but he was the huntsman and he was implacable in his pursuit. As he closed in on his prey the baying grew louder, triumphant and happy.

"Hello Lily. I'd like a word, if I may." Word spoken without hint of the bloodlust and growing madness inside.

As his magic rose like a tidal wave to crash over the prey and crush her under it's weight, he heard a voice in his head that wasn't his.

"Well done my Princeling."

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